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Tonight with Bubbly

I was working in my office the other day when Bubbly rammed in with a big smile on her face. “What’s up? You seem to be really excited!” I asked looking into Bubbly’s glowing eyes. “You know what…. a TV channel has offered me to host a talk show….. a political show….oh my God, I am so happy!!!” Bubbly said in a thrilling voice. “Wow, that’s great news, congrats” I cheered her in a bit surprising tone. Bubbly, who is an intelligent and charming lady in her mid thirties, instantly noticed my disbelief.

“You don’t seem to be excited at all?”

“No, no…..I am delighted, I hastily added, “infact, I was wondering how you got this offer because you didn’t discuss any such prospect with me earlier?”

“Yes. Infact I was not sure myself whether it would happen or not….. oh….. forget about it, now I just need some help from you.”

“Why not, what kinda support you want?” I tried to act with all sincerity.

“Well, you have to guide me how to conduct this show because this is going to be my first appearance on TV and I wanna make a really big impression. I’d like to be a conqueror anchor person, who just bulldozes the participants.” Bubbly’s voice turned louder with excitement.

“Well, Bubbly, I can understand your passion at the moment but frankly I can’t be of much help to you because I haven’t conducted any show on TV. All I can tell you is that you need to read and research a lot on internet. You should read books about global and local politics and stuff like that….”

“What?” Bubbly exclaimed, “Are you nuts?”

“What happened? Did I say something wrong?” I became confused with Bubbly’s sudden reaction.

“Absolutely! Who wants to read this boring stuff on international politics? I am not interested. All I am asking you is to suggest me what kinda clothes should I wear in the show, what should be my hairstyle and should I wear glasses or contact lenses?”

“Bubbly, I don’t understand what are you up to? Are you going to host a political talk show or a fashion show?” I was completely baffled by now.

“Listen man, I came to you with a hope that you will give me some sane advice but it looks as if you have got the same orthodox ideas!” Bubbly stood up to leave my office.

“Wait a minute Bubbly,” I hastily said, “I didn’t mean that. Since you are going to start a new political talk show, that’s why I thought it’s appropriate that you should do some research work.”

“Oh come on ….gimme a break…..I am not interested in doing any kind of reading or research. All I want to know from you is how should I pose in the show? I mean, should I look trendy or traditional?”

“Since you are a modern and progressive lady, your image should also look the same way,” I finally gave her the advice which she wanted.

“Hmmm,” Bubbly thought for a while, “That means that I need to upgrade my wardrobe immediately.”

“What kind of guests you intend to invite in your program?” I tried to bring back Bubbly on ‘track.’

“Off course politicians…it’s a political talk show, I already told you.”

“Oh yes, you have already told me….but……have you thought how would you handle these crook politicians?”

“Are you kidding?” Bubbly asked surprisingly, “What’s the problem in handling politicians these days? You only need to bombard them with all sorts humiliating questions, that’s all.”

“It’s not that easy Bubbly,” I again tried to warn her.

“Hah….don’t you know me?” Bubbly winked.

“Yes, I know you but still….!”

“Hah…..my director has given me some really useful tips.”

“And what are those tips?” I asked curiously.

“The director says, one, keep your voice louder than the guest, two, take atleast 3 minutes in framing a question which should sound more like a sermon and three, only give twenty seconds to the guest to answer that question and then jump over to the guest a new question in a more chilling voice and hysteric manner.”

I stared at Bubbly for a second in utter amazement, “You will be a perfect anchor Bubbly, I wish you all the best.”

“Oh, thanks a lot,” Bubbly gave me a smile finally.

“By the way, what will be the name of your show?”

“Tonight with Bubbly!” She replied in a relaxed manner.

“What???” I almost shouted in full volume.

“What happened, what’s wrong in this name?” Now it was Bubbly’s turn to get confused.

“Well this doesn’t seem to be a decent name, probably it has dual meaning…….you know what I mean!” I tried to give some hint to Bubbly.

“Oh come on, you men always try to downgrade us in the name of modesty and all that stupid stuff.” Bubbly became a little annoyed now.

“It’s not about men Bubbly, it’s about you, just think over the name ‘Tonight with Bubbly’. It sounds bizarre.”

Instead of answering me this time, Bubbly picked up her bag and walked away, saying “My first show will be on air Saturday night, don’t miss it….Tonight with Bubbly!”


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