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A Dialogue with God

Man: Hello my Lord, how you doing?

God: Am good, what about you?

Man: I am quite ok. Thanks for giving me some time out of your busy schedule.

God: Oh, not at all. Am not that busy, infact, my staff officers do all the work for me, I just accord approvals.

Man: Wow, you mean the angels and all that paraphernalia at your disposal execute the affairs of the universe on your behalf?

God: Yeh, you can say thatJ

Man: That’s cool……ok let me ask you some direct questions, hope you won’t mind?

God: Not at all, go ahead.

Man: Thanks. First of all, please tell me why there is so much misery in the universe which you have created? What would have wrong in creating a “happy” universe?

God: Ummm you won’t understand this but let me try ……Think of an island with a small population where there is no misery. All the inhabitants of that island are equally wealthy and nobody can do any harm to other person. The status of all the people is equal there no matter whether they work or not; there is absolute peace and everybody dies his/her natural death at a fix age. Now, what will happen in that kind of society?

Man: Well, I suppose nothing will happen.

God: Yes, but your understanding is wrong.

Man: Sorry I don’t understand.

God: Look man, in a society like that there will be no struggle because of the fact that nobody will be competing with each other; and as a result there will be no progress, no development, no scientific discovery, no invention, nothing. Everybody in that society will be just relaxing all the time and waiting for his/her death.

Man: Ok I understand that but that’s not the answer to my question.

God: I am coming to that. In order to incite humans to struggle in their lives, to strive for happiness, to pursue their worldly goals, to show scientific miracles, to explore the stars and moon, it was necessary to create an “unfair” universe where no one human is the same. In this universe, there is ugliness with beauty, kindness with brutality, fairness with injustice and love with hatred.

Man: Ok you have a point there, but why so much brutality, why killing of humans is necessary for this purpose?

God: My dear human these killings and massacres and wars are caused by humans themselves, sometime in the name of religion and sometime in the name of nationhood.

Man: No but why humans to be blamed for the wars in the name of religion? After all they fight for YOU!

God: No, not for me, but for themselves. No religion approves war as a means to spread it.

Man: And what’s the rationale of unfortunate deaths of innocent men, women and children as a result of some natural calamity such as earthquakes, floods and tsunami? Why can’t you do your business without it?

God: These deaths are just a result of a pre-installed universal system. Have you ever noticed how many ants are killed under your feet everyday? For those ants, your foot is some kind of a natural calamity which they can’t even comprehend. By the way, you seem to be quite an intelligent and inquisitive human. Let me check your DNA. Ah, your father was a priest so you have developed a kind of rebellion religious beliefs!

Man: No, no, not at all. I only want some clear understanding about this mysterious system which you have installed. I am sorry if I have said something offensive.

God: No you are going fine. Go on.

Man: Thanks but I think I should change the topic now. Please tell me what happens to a human after death?

God: Hmmmm, that’s a good question. Let’s do a practical for finding that answer!

Man: Sorry, I didn’t get you.

God: I mean why don’t you experience death yourself to see what really happens afterwards?

Man: And shall I be able to come back in this world in present form after that deadly experiment?

God: Well that you will get to know first hand during the experiment!

Man: No, I think I should not take that risk. But why don’t you just tell me what happens after the death without passing me through such precarious practical test?

God: You won’t understand this unless you feel the death.

Man: I will feel that someday for sure but right I am in no hurry to experience that feeling.

God: Ok then see you in heavens.

Man: Thanks for your precious time, my Lord.


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